Nursery Update in Pictures

Over the summer of 2012, nursery staff have been developing the outdoor and indoor environment. We have obtained a new climbing frame which has been put up in the garden. We now have constant access to outdoor play in the pre-school room and toddler room. There is a tent to provide shelter, blocks to build with and water play available at all times

Our baby room has been re-vamped with a new carpet, book corner and a house for them to play in. We have devised a black and white area within the baby room to help promote young babies eyesight and interest and fabric has been put up on the ceiling to make it feel more cosy and welcoming.

All rooms now have access to a natural resource table. On here are items such as pine cones, shells, wood, sponges etc and magnifying glasses to examine them with

There is also now an area in the main entrance for children’s work to be displayed in frames. Pieces of work that are put in these frames are celebrated with the rest of the class and parents promoting personal, social and emotional development.

We have brought new resources promoting equality, culture and disabilities which are also a main part of the EYFS

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