Nursery News

At nursery during the spring term we have been looking at healthy eating and exercise. We are currently working alongside the Change 4 Life program to educate children on how to make healthy food choices and discussing how exercise is good for our health and well-being. The children have been more involved in making their own tea time snacks such as healthy pizzas and home made soups. Steve our chef adapted the menu’s in order to be healthier in ways such as home made cakes, including more vegetables and much more. The pre-school room has also introduced PE sessions for the children 2 sessions a week. We are looking at getting outside professionals coming in to teach the children yoga so watch this space!

Natalie and Sophie recently attended a training course which looked at involving parents more in their child’s play. We have since then put on 2 play session during the Easter holidays. The first session was title bottle rockets. Ten parents came in with their children to take part which was excellent! The children and parents had fun letting off their rockets they made even though it was a rainy and windy day. The second session was titled den building. We had 6 parents come to this and use our resources to make a den with their children. again we all had great fun! We would just like to say thank you for all the parents who attended.

As we are entering in to Spring, we have been growing our own vegetable patch again. The children helped staff members to sort the garden out and plant potatoes, carrots, peas, aubergines and onions. We have also got a green house now to try and grow tomatoes in. Some of the children helped us to build this! The toddler room have been planting their own flowers and have been keeping an eye on them growing. All the children love going outside to dig and get muddy!

The baby room and some of the pre-school children went to visit the library during the Easter Holidays. They had a lovely time. We noticed that the library do reading sessions so we are looking at trying to get out more often to attend these though this may only be able to happen in the holidays when numbers are lower.

Some of the staff have been on training sessions that were aimed at physical and imaginative play. We recently went to a resource factory in Oadby where you can buy trolley loads of resources such as material  wood, pots and pans, boxes, fur, pipes and much more. We brought it all back to nursery and put it in the pre-school room for them to explore. The children loved it! They were able to use their imagination and build structures. it was great fun.

Just a reminder for parents that we will have spaces for pre-school children from the middle of July ready for September funding.

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