Pre-School Welcomes Spring

This term has been as busy as ever especially the last week of term!

Noah and his dad have been really busy at home and together they built us 2 new planters. When they were delivered to Preschool, Noah finished the job and helped to paint them. They are now filled with soil and ready for digging, which the children absolutely love doing! Thanks Noah!

On Friday 20th March the children invited their carers to come and play! We incorporated a Let’s Get Moving Day to inspire everyone to get active at home and preschool. Great balancing everyone.

We have enjoyed being outside too, both in the yard and down the field.

After decorating our eggs we took them down the field and played games.

Ready, steady roll.

We also played egg and spoon races.

Then Corey asked if he could bring his new chicks into preschool.

George was really soft and fluffy. When they get a bit bigger, Corey will bring them back so we can see how much they have changed.

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