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Managed by local people for local People

Dear Friend of Westfield community centre,

Help the Centre continue to help the Community.

Over the last twelve months thousands of local people have petitioned for and offered their support to a campaign not to have vital funds withdrawn from the community centre , which ultimately could threaten the future of the centre and the many community groups who provide much needed and valued services to our community.

Unfortunately we were unable to prevent the loss of over £140,000 from our budget in the coming financial year. The Westfield Association committee has been working with a variety of community partners, to develop a response which preserves and protects most of the services delivered from the centre. We have worked up a plan for the centre for next three to four years which will secure it’s future. The plan involves a number of elements including running services more efficiently, reducing opening hours and staff costs, loaning money against our property and increasing income from general fund raising we are confident that our fund raising targets are achievable.

I am writing to you to ask if you could support the centre in a very practical way and purchase Westfield lottery tickets the Westfield lottery has been launched as part of our general fund raising strategy ,Tickets are priced £1 and drawn every 1000 tickets sold, 1st Prize £250. 2nd prize £100 3rd prize £50 We have made it easy to purchase tickets either visit the office during centre opening times send us a cheque providing us with your name and address and we will enter you into the draw, or draws or better still if you wish to support the centre on a regular basis why not fill in the enclosed direct debit form and make a monthly purchase and we will enter you into each and every draw with your help and support Westfield will still be here to celebrate half a century of community service in 2017.

Thanking you for your continued support for Westfield.

Yours sincerely,

Dave Roberts

PP Westfield CDA.


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